Cremona m vs sophia 2

I enjoy jazz like Jaques Lousier rock like dave Mathews classic rock like eagles. I enjoy acoustic versions of music and solo vocal. That being said my current system contains Martian Logan Vantages and I find them to detailed at times and very thin in low frequencies. I have sublimated my bass with a Rel B2. My processor is a anthem D2 with a Sun-fire amp. Most music is digital or played through an esoteric player. I have heard both and find them both amazing. please share insights to which speaker you would go to for a real sounding vocal with detailed lows. I want to be able to hear all instruments playing with out the digital bite that can occur.
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Personally I wouldn't recommend the speaker change until you upgrade the amp and and a proper two channel preamplifier.

The problem with much more reveling speakers is that they show flaws in the system.

The Anthem is a fantastic processor, but a good tube preamplifier will outperform the Anthem and it is easy to incorporate both into a system.

I don't know which Sunfire amp you have but again, with these two super speakers I think you would find a huge improvement by upgrading to a higher performance two channel amp.

So I would say that unless you are willing to take on the entire challenge you may want to rethink this upgrade.
Thanks for the insights. I will be upgrading the amp to a 501 mac but that will happen later this year.
If transparency was the goal I would have second thoughts about the 501, see the Dagogo review. It fits my take to the Mac SS amps I have heard. Their opinion is that Mac gives up sonic quality for reliability and cool running by using autoformers[transformers].There must be SOME reason to run the signal through them in a SS amp; no one else that I know of does it.
I agree with Stan about the Mac amps. I used to own Martin Logan Spires with a Mac 402. Then I switched speakers to Wilson Sasha and although the Mac amp drove them with ease, the amp was a bit veiled. If you get the Wilsons, I'd think twice about using a Mac amp. You see this pairing a lot, but there is much better for the price.

Regarding your original question, when I was looking for speakers I wanted one that retained the transparency, speed and detail of my ML Spires, but with added dynamics, body, tone and a sweet spot for more than one person. While I did not directly compare the Cremona, after much auditioning I bought Wilson speakers.
Tricon Dave,
Your post suggests better amps for the same price. Please offer your continued insights and make a few suggestions on either mono's or two channel
Jump in with some reccomendations of a propper tube amp that will drive the Sophia
These are 2 completely different sounding speakers with completely different presentations. The Cremona's have a great midrange which makes vocals very poignant, but "detailed lows" (as well as speaker preference in general) is a personal thing and you'd need to hear both and decide for yourself which you like better. One man's "detailed lows" is another's "lean bass" is another's "bloated bass".
I do not have Sophia's but reviews of the Sophia 2 and 3 in HIFICRITIC suggest that the AR 110 did an exceptional job. These reviews cannot be obtained except by buying the relevant magazine but it might be worth it as they are very detailed. For those not familiar with it HIFICRITIC takes no ads and has some of the most experienced reviewers and engineers on its staff, all of whom make their living elsewhere. The bigger AR's should be even better; as a SS user I will defer further comment to the tube mavens. The AR Ref 3 and 5 are their top rated Pre's. too pricy for me to have tried and as I said I use hybrid or SS, just my choice.