Cremona Auditors and Tubes

Do cremona auditors like tube amps?
I would image, although I've never heard them paired together, that tubes would make the auditors a little too warm? I'm anxious to hear other people's responses.
I will not use solid state on Cremona or Auditor. Vifa Ring Radiator loves tubes, make them sound like $500 tweeter.
Some anecdotal evidence for you...

I recently auditioned a pair of Auditors at Magnolia Hi-Fi recently and at first was really disappointed by them. I listened to Cowboy Junkies "The Trinity Sessions", Norah Jones "Come Away With Me", and Dead Can Dance "Into the Labyrinth". It seemed like the speakers weren't coming to life at all. It wasn't that they were doing anything particularly wrong, but the presentation was completely uninvolving and left me unimpressed by the speakers. I mentioned this to the sales guy who asked me to stay a little longer while he switched from the Primare gear to McIntosh tubed gear. The difference was pretty astonishing. The Auditors came alive in every way and sounded absolutely fabulous. They made their way back on to my short list. Unfortunately I'd never buy the McIntosh gear; the retro cosmetics put me off.
I happen to listene to a new Mac Integrated (the one at 75 watts) with the Cremona's and Auditors about four weeks ago and, INMO, it might have been the best top end sound I've heard to date. I can still hear the clarity, sound staging and realness of the top end. I had just heard a pair of Wilson Sophia's driven by Meridian and while it was good, it didn't jump out at me.
My experience with tubes is limited, but I did ask to listen to the SF Homage's with Krell FBP amps in the same room and the same disc, and thought it was very good, too, but it didn't light me up nearly as much. So, tubes and Cremona's and Auditors definitely won that srimmage. Good luck.