Cremona Auditor, Decappo Or Proac 1sc?

I am looking for a monitor and thinking about these three. Can anyone give me some advise? I like the SF look the most but heard a lot of good think on the reference 3A and the 1sc being more tube friendly. Can anyone give me some advise? I like soft music, jazz and no rock. It will be for the bed room. I am using a SET 24w (845) amp. Will it be enough for these speaker? Any other good speaker I miss? Thanks.

I own the DeCapos and really like them. I had been on a speaker merry-go-round for a couple of years, but the DeCapos have stopped that! I power mine with 3.5 watt 2A3 SET amps and they play plenty loud in my listening room. A great thing about them is they have very good bass, so you don't need a sub. Save some space in that bedroom!

I'm sure the other speakers you mention are nice as they get great reviews, but I have lived with the DeCapos for a while now and I find them to be an excellent all-arounder.


Based on your musical taste, the recommendation is not difficult. It's a toss up between the Cremona Auditor and the DeCapo. Don't take me wrong. ProAc is also great. But your musical taste fits the strengths of the SF and DeCapo.
Sounds like you're also impressed with the SF aesthetics, so why not take the plunge and be happy! Good luck.
the decapo is the best match for your amp..the sf and the proac prefer an amp with more power.all are good speakers.
Hello Waip7. Your 845 based amp will drive all of the speakers you are considering without a problem whatsoever.The proacs are very set friendly as well as the decapos. Although I have never heard the CA's with 845 based amplification.I have tried both the proac and the decapos with my 845's and they both completely disappear and make beautiful music.Tough decision to be sure!I should qualify that the proacs I had were the model 2's and would be my choice of the two....I am certain that you can't go wrong with any of them! All the best on your journey!
Thank you guys. I have been doing some home work on the internet and talk to some friends. I think I will go for the Reference 3A. I am sure I will be happy man and sleep well every night! I am gong to post both my system when I am done. Feel free to give any comment. Thanks again for all of you.
I've spent a fair amount of time with both the Proac and the DeCApo. The Proac is a better speaker, (partcularly in the midrange, highs and dynamically) but unfortunately your amp, contrary to what another poster said, will not drive them properly. The Proac is not as nearly efficient as the MM de Capo. You'd have to change your amp to use the better speaker.
I don't know what the Cremona is like, so I can't help you there.