Creek vs. Parasound

I've narrowed it down to this: Creek 5350se ($1100 at music direct) vs. Parasound Classic 2100 preamp/2150 amp. Wondering what everyone's opinion is about how either of these would sound with B&W 685s and a HSU VTF 1 sub. Its a 2.1 system so that is why I like the Parasound preamp's built in bass management. Room is smallish, 12x14x8, listening preference is moderate volume to loud, music is a broad range from jazz to pop to IDM to hip hop and even some classical. I do plan to upgrade speakers someday (not soon) and do not want to have to buy new electronics to run them. Thanks.
tough one...go parasound.
Another suggestion:

Used Musical Fidelity A3.5. Not super fond of this Creek. haven't heard the Parasound combo, but like their Halo gear. If you could swing the Halo P3 Premap and a used Odyssey Stratos stereo amp and run it in balanced mode, that would be fantastic (no bass management though).
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I'm using the Parasound 2100/2250 in a 21' x 12' room mainly for two-channel but also connected to my AV system with sub-woofer. I'm also using the phono stage of the 2100. The by-pass feature is a great option to separate home theater listening from 2-channel. Parasound, the company, is wonderful to deal with; I've asked questions and always received a quick and full response (even from the President, Richard Schram).

I've just upgraded my speakers from standmount Mission 762s to floorstanding Scan-Speak-driver-based speakers. The Parasound units handle everything with ease, low noise and lots of control. It is easy to make adjustments, such as gain and sub-woofer management so would highly recommend them. I've only compared them with high-end products in the showroom when I bought them but in my room the sound is wonderful (at least to my old, inexperienced ears).
Sorry, just thought about another point. I don't know if it matters to you or not but the Parasound 2250 does not allow b-wiring of speakers.

There are two speaker outputs but they are to connect another set of speakers and not for bi-wiring.
Kencalgary, what is your understanding of what biwiring means?
Bob Reynolds - The Parasound 2100 preamp has line level outputs that high pass at 80Hz, and it also has a low pass crossover that is variable. My sub already has a variable low pass crossover, so it would be best to connect the sub to the parasound's pre-outs, right? Other wise I am low-passing the sound twice...the 80Hz high-pass goes out to the amp and then to the 685s.
Its curious there are not a lot of voted for the Creek, considering how highly it is reviewed. Just as well, I think I want more power anyway.
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The HSU's low pass crossover max's out at 180Hz, the Parasound's low pass crossover maximum setting is 140Hz, so I guess I won't be missing anything. I have read sporadic reports of Parasound equipment having reliability issues, but the 10 year warranty makes me feel better about it. And these reports are nowhere near as rampant as, maybe, reports about NAD's new line of A/V receivers...stay away from those!
Both brands are awesome, and it makes hard to make a decision...the bad from creeks is the price, all the units i've seen are expensive, they will cost you more than the parasound's.
Does anyone know of another pre-amp that has built in bass management, similar to the Parasound classic 2100? I have not seen one, but I have not been doing that much research.