Creek SE5350 "Classic" versus SimAudio I-3

Thinking of buying a new integrated; I am comparing the Creek with Sim Audio I-3. Both get good reviews. I have heard the Creek and though it sounded very good across the board, I was a bit disappointed---My expectations may have been too high. Have not heard the SimAudio integrated, and would appreciate any input on its performance. I currently have a pair ofd Silverline Preludes which are about 89-90db efficiency, but they are only temporary until next year when I can afford a pair of Totem Forests or Gallo 3.1. I have been told that neither the Creek nor Sim integrateds have enough power to "properly" drive either of these speakers to their full capability. Thanks Jim
My sim i3 drove my forests very nicely.I dont know how big of room.mine 22 by 13.5.had more than enough power.
you're not missing anything...the creek with a phono is spectacular