Creek & Reynaud?

Anyone have an opinion about if the Reynaud twins will match well with a creek 4330? I keep reading such amazing things about them I think I'm going to have to get a pair. Thanks.

The Twinns are great speakers, I think they should match well with your Creek. I have listened to both the Twinn's and the Arpeggionnes and feel they are very good sounding speakers indeed. The Twinns are a steal for the price - they sound very good; open and clear, fit and finish is excellent too, especially for their price. If I had to choose a monitor for under a grand the Twinns would be my first choice.

I don't know about the Creek, but I own the Twins mkII's and they are everything you have read and more. I drive them with a Audio Refinement Complete Integrated (YBA budget line) and they deliver a rich, textured, tonality that is simply breathtaking. Vocals, piano, saxophones, cellos, bass, etc. so realistic and believable that it is simply awe-inspiring. And the bass is beautifully detailed, and surprisingly deep for monitors, although not earth-shaking.

"musical", they engage and draw you into the music in a very real way. The type of presentation that lets you forget your system and simply enjoy the music. I know that I sound like I am raving(which I am!), but I've had these speakers for a year now and I still am constantly amazed at how great they are. My living room is 16' x 20' and they provide a wide, deep, soundstage which extends well beyond the speakers.

The great thing about the Twins is that they (bar far) defy their cost and continue to improve up to level of just about any amplification and source components that you install upstream. Over the last 12 months I've driven them with a $4,000 Cary SEI-300B Single-Ended Triode amp (15W per channel), a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro monoblcks, an Audio Analogue Puccini SE integrated, my brother's Audio Reference 100.2, and just about any other friends system I could carry them over to. And the performance was stellar in every setup.

One thing for sure, if you audition them, make absolutely sure that the pair has over 200 hours breakin on them. This sounds crazy, but they really show a marked improvement during that time, and the difference between 100 and 200 hours is huge. I bought mine used w/ 100hrs on them, and I could easily gauge their progress by how much power the Twins were able to handle before the sound collapsed. My AR Complete integrated is 50W per channel and in the first week(100+ hrs) I could only turn them up to 8:00-8:30 before the sound quality began to fall apart. After another 20-30 hrs, they could go to 9:30. At 150 hrs, 10:30, and by 200, I could go to high noon on the dial without any degradation in sound quality.

This is, of course, a primative way to gauge breakin, but efective nonetheless. True bass doesn't evolve until the end of this breakin period, although the glories of Reynaud midrange is present right away.

This is a little off-topic, but I hope it helps, anyway.