Creek OBH-8 Phone Amp and Creek 4330 Int Amp?

I just purchased an MMF-5 turntable. I have a Creek 4330 integrated amp. Is there any benefit to adding an OBH-8 Creek Phone pre-amp?
If the Creek phono input boards are available, there's no real advantage- you already have the power supply in your amplifier. I added a Creek phono board to my 5350SE a few months ago, and it was relatively easy, despite the lack of any instructions from Creek. My only problem was stripping the heads on a couple screws trying to remove the case, but I found replacements at my local hardware store. BTW, I'm very pleased with how it sounds- a very nice phono section for not too much money.
Thank You!
I just made a nice improvement to my Creek OBH-8 for $35.00.
I exchanged the cheapo wall wart for a regulated 24 VDC power supply that was amde for a piece of Epson computer equip. This is not a cheapo unit, but was used for commercial applications, I believe a laser printer. It is already in a nice compact all metal black box with an LED indicator on front and a nice on/off switch and IEC power socket on back in case you want to play with power cords. The DC cable is shielded with a earth drain. The name is PS-110. If you can't locate one and are interested I can sell them for $35.00 plus shipping from 32803, shipping weight is @ 5lbs. Photo is available.