Creek OBH-11......a couple questions

I would like to use one of these for a HT subwoofer system.I like the idea of adjusting on the processor has too many steps to get there.

My question is about the passive control.Will it give me boost or just lower volume.I'd like to swing plus 10db and minus 10db from the odb position on the processor.

Hope this is clear
Creek OBH-11 is a Headphone amp, you are probably referring to the OBH-10 or 12. A passive pre will not give you boost, so it would just lower the volume. Hope this helps.
thank you.I thought a passive unit wouls operate like that.

I think i would be better off using a remote preamp
Find a used Chase RLC-1, if you can. This unit provides boost and has a remote, very useful with subs!