Creek Integrateds for Harbeth monitor?

Hi again folks,

I had requested recommendations for a basic no frills amps that will work on 220 volts power supply to drive bookshelf speakers.

I have now confirmed that Creek integrateds (thanks for your recommendations) have an external switch that can go 110 to 220.

I have to choose between the Creek Evo, destiny or classic models. I wan to keep things simple (one channel out will work fine for me) but do not want to compromise on the quality of the sound from the (in)efficient Harbeth.

What would you suggest? Hve any of you ever paired a Creek with the Harbeth mini-monitor?


Vish (now registered as yogananda)
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While the Evo and the Destiny are multvoltage (115/230), I am positive the 5350 SE Classic is not (at lest not in the USA), unless there has been a recent change in production. Unfortunately I cannot help you with your question; while I have heard both the Classic and the Evo and liked what I heard, they were not paired with Harbeths at the time.
I've had a Creek amp in the past. I think they're one of the great performance/value products in high end.

There is a review of the Evo in the current issue of UHF magazine. A portion of the review can be viewed for free online at:

The review is on page 42 of the pdf version.

Thanks. I am sold on buying the creek evo.

I am driving a pair of Harbeth P3ES-2s with a Destiny. CDP is a Meridian 508.24 with very good wires and stands. I have not heard the P3s with any other amps but the Destiny is working quite well. Plenty of power and quite musical.
I own a Creek Evo (with Quad 11L2 speakers), and have also heard it paired with the bookshelf Harbeths. MAN! What a combo! Both are amazing components, and they sound fantastic together! I really love my Creek Evo and would recommend it to anyone, especially for the price.

I am told the Creek Destiny is much better, but its a bit pricey for me.