Creek Evolution with Tuner & CD Plugins

Any thoughts on the sound quality of the Creek "all-in-one" units?

A 50a or 100a with the Tuner plug-in and the CD plug-in is appealing to reduce visual clutter in my listening room.

I currently have a Sonic Frontiers Line One driving a Sunfire amp into Maggies. A good quality tuner (which I rarely use) and a Cal Audio Icon with an outboard Cambridge Audio Digital Box.  I also plugged in an Apple TV to stream music from my Mac (which is ripped from CDs using Apple Lossless format). I’d like to not go backwards in sound quality.

are you looking into a down-sizing of sorts? I can remember hearing that 1st mid-90's Sunfire amp into Vandersteen speakers.
clutter reduction at same or better sound quality
I see. You may want to seek out those older Creek models that were built in the U.K.