Creek Evolution version 1 question

I have one on the way. NOS that I got a deal on. Anyone have any experience with this amp. A friend told me it's bass shy, which will be a problem for me. I don't have big speaker(ADS L620s now, Tekton Lore hopefully by Christmas) and my room is not the most bass friendly, lots of hard surfaces. I'm just wondering if anyone has owned this amp and found it bass shy.
Must be an impedence issue. Changed out the tri-vista for vdac II and all's good. Can't explain why stream though the Tri-vista works but not CDs, Odd.
Like it said in my last post I use only one source. It is my panasonic bluray into my musical fidelity dac into amp. I hooked up my new Creek evolution amp today and got a ton of static even on zero. Now for the weird part-stream netflix hulu pluse and pandora work fine, but not playing a CD. Same bluray player into same dac. Ant ideas, I'm totally at a loss.
So it arrived today. Doesnt seem to be bass shy, but doesnt seem to work. Alot of static, even with volume at 0. I only use 1 source(my DAC) when i change to an unused input, no static at all. I contacted the seller but have not heard back and emailed Creek to see if they know the issue. If anyone has encountered and resolved this issue, I'd love tohear from you. I was so excited to 1st purchase this and 2nd to have it arrive on a Saturday so I could enjoy it all weekend and now I'm just down.