Creek Evolution v Expousre 2010S

Has anybody compared the Creek Evolution to the Exposure 2010S?? I have tried the Creek 5350 and the Destiny and preffered the Exposure to the Destiny. The Exposure sounds more like live music and the Destiny soundded slightly more mechanical. The Evolution uses a different output, so maybe??
I have a 2 channel system centered around the Creek Evolution II integrated amp. I was fond of the original Evo A and ordered the updated model without audition. I was delighted by the further refinements.
I've mated it to are a pair of Tannoy Saturn 6 bookshelfs. The bottom-end is extended by way of a Martin Logan Abyss 12" subwoofer crossded over at 45 hz.
An Arcam CD-73 and TaraLabs Air3 interconnects complete the system.
The element that is most satisfying in this system is its timbral honesty. The instrumental colors are precise. The horn tweeters seem to amplify the modest dynamic differences in higher frequencies, resulting in a layering of choral voices or cluttered masses of strings.
If you are looking for a system up to the task of making almost any recording inviting to your ears it would be difficult to better my set-up. Also, it is by no means a budget-breaker and has provided me with years of happy listening.