Creek Destiny -- Maggies?

Hi all. The amp I've been using to drive Magnepan IIIs has died and I'm not sure I will be able to get it repaired (importer is out of business and I understand no one can get parts). Of all the amps I might be able to afford used, the Destiny seems most interesting. However it's only putting out 180 watts at 4 ohms, which seems pretty borderline. Anyone have any experience with this combination? Thoughts? Thanks.
You should check out the bel canto amps...if you need an integrated try the s300iu (you get a DAC too) otherwise the older eVo two channel amps are also a good match and can be found for a score. I had an eVo 200.2 into a pair of maggie III's using Goertz cable (still have them) and it was a great combo, one of my first systems in fact and pretty much what got me into this hobby.
There's a pair of M300's up for sale right now at a price you can probably negotiate and seemingly in your range. I would highly recommend them for your Maggies.
I can only say at first I thought my 1.6's sounded fine with a 180watt into 4 OHM amp till a friend brought over his 300rms@4ohm which was a large step time he came
over he brought his heavily modded and rebuilt Hafler 500(friend is a retired EE Professor)which puts out a measured
This amp made my Maggies not only sing, but dance too !

Moral of story is I doubt if there is such a thing as too
much power for Maggies, I consider 200@4ohms a bare minimun.
I know what you mean about power/current. I will be going from 500/channel into 4 ohms. The good news is that I got a line on a repair guy locally that might be able to help me. I'd much prefer getting this amp going than buying a new one.
I spent many a happy year listening to my MGIIIs with the venerable Aragon 4004 MKII. Seems like there's always a couple for sale here, and they hold their value if you want to swap in the future.
I hope you get it going !
Maggies are the only speaker where I think raw power is the primary consideration.
The Cambridge 840 puts 200w at 4ohms, a nice case you decide to buy another. :)
Thanks for all the suggestions. A shop here offered to let me take home an 840 to try. My first preference is to fix my current amp, so I will wait and see what this guy thinks. If he can't do anything, I'll be checking out all the recommendations!