Creek- Arcam- Rega.... best tuner of the three??

Of course hands down the Magnum Dynalabs are the mark to beat, but which of these three is the best choice?

I know the Creek has been well reviewed, but can't seem to find much on the Arcam or Rega products.(?)

I'd REALLY appreciate you help!

Hands down, included in the mark to beat should be the Fanfare FT-1A and the Rotel 1010.

As for the best choice of your three, listen to them yourself and don't rely on others ears. This will give you your answer hands down.

Happy listening.
I have found most Britsh tuners while having decent sound, seemed to be challanged by U.S. broadcasts. I seem to hear subtle but consitent background noise. I bet Sean could shed some light here.
I have the Rega tuner and it sounds great. I also have other Rega gear which it fits right in with. I have not heard the others. As mentioned above, the Fanfare is loved by many. I also have an old Tandberg tuner and it is magnificant. You can find these used for $350 or more. However, they should be updated. Soundsmith can do this for you.
Put the Marantz ST-6000 on your list. Only $290.
Unsound is correct. The broadcasting environment is totally different in the UK than in the US. Stations are more broadly spaced, distances are smaller, government run stations are uniform in their transmitting power, one could go on and on. This puts a different spin on their tuner characteristics. Audio quality is favored over RF performance. Stereophile once reviewed one of the screamin' expensive Naim tuners and said that the tuner was the best in the world if you could physically see the transmitting tower! It's not quite like that and, sure, a good antenna always helps, but selectivity is typically weak in these tuners and sensitivity and capture ratio are usually not too far behind.