Creek 5350se vs. Cambridge Audio 840a V2

Hi I'm am agonizing over these two integrated amps. Heard them both and liked them both. Other options include the Naim Nait 5i or the Roksan Kandy K2 (although having two speaker outs would be a bonus). System is quite simple: B&W 800 series, Arcam alpha 7se (quite old but still v. nice).

Thanks for you help!
i have read a few rave reviews of the nait 5

the new incarnation of the kandy is great. the others as well.
Thanks very much. Will try to go listen to the Kandy and Nait5i.
The below two are the best of the lot. Your choice depends on the type of music you listen to, and the rest of your system.

Cambridge Audio 840A v2 - For tonal accuracy, transparency, resolution, finesse, micro-dynamics, but timing is not as accurate as Naim

Naim Nait 5i - For PRAT, but tonally inaccurate
Thanks Bssk.

I listen mainly to Jazz but sometimes to W. african, classic rock and classical.

How would 840a or Nait 5i compare to Creek Destiny?

My system is quite simple and modest: B&w 800 series and arcam alpha 7se cd player.

thanks again
I have not heard Creek Destiny amplifier, so I cannot comment. However, it has good reviews. I would advice you to never buy audio equipment based only on reviews.

I also listen to Jazz, Classical, and Classic Rock. Based on my taste, I would choose Cambridge Audio 840A v2.

Also check Simaudio i5.3 integrated amplifier. I recently heard the i5.3 and I was amazed by its performance. It outperformed my VTL/Bryston combination. I am thinking of buying the i5.3 amplifier, it is an amplifier I can live with for a long time and also simplifies my setup. According to me, Simaudio i5.3 outperforms Bryston B-100 SST, Plinius 9200, Krell KAV 400i, Naim SuperNait, Linn Majik i and Musical Fidelity A5.
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I think the Simaudio would be great. It is a little more than I would like to spend. So I think I may be back to my original two: 5350se and the 840aV2. What is the difference between the 5350se and the classic 5350se. I hear one is better than the other and vice versa.
Has anyone heard the Exposure 2010? Opinions?
I recently compared the Cambridge 840 amp against the Creek Evolution (which is a serious notch down in quality and price compared to the Creek Destiny). I was really not that impressed with the Cambridge. I thought the Creek Evolution sounded noticable better. Now... I didn't have huge problems or anything with the Cambridge 840, its just that I don't feel that it sounded that great for the amount it costs. So... I would have to assume that the Creek Destiny would sound better than the Cambridge 840.

But I guess, the best thing you can do is hear them side by side at a dealer and see what you think.
I go for the Creek5350. It has a seperate power supply for the pre & power amp to avoid cross contamination of signal.

Function wise Creek is better & slick!

It has a good tonal balance and natural timber accross frequencies. It's a fast amp good for pop rock and other music aswell.

Michael Creek (owner) still design and choose carefully the parts based on his standards. I just dont know who design the Cambridge now.

Between Creek & Cambridge.....Creek is more English I would say.

Good Luck
I hae had and compared all of these head to head. The 840 I had was the first generation and is a very detailed but flat sound. The V2 might have addressed these issues. The Creek 5350 is a very nice amp but the soundstage is way smaller then the others. I tried the Destiny also and felt it was very impressive but came off alittle mechanical and less dynamic. I almost would take the 5350 over it for rock. I think the Vincent 236MKII beats them all (at least in my room). This was all head to head. Then we have the Exposure 2010S. On another thread someone described it as mind bogglingly good. I am sure I spelled that wrong. It is very very musical and sounds like live music. Reminds me of the NAD 3020. Read the Stereophile review of it. It is right on.