Creek 5350 "U" bars

I bought this integrated used here on the gon, and have read a couple of reviews that state that the little "U" bars connecting the pre-amp to the power amp need to be upgraded to something better. Does anyone have any information on this, and what would I upgrade them to? It seems strange to me that this quality of amp would need upgrading right from the get-go. I would appreciate some info on this.
I have the 5350SE that came with the same low quality U metal bars. I upgraded to the Tara Labs RSC Link (sometimes known as the missing link) for $35.00. The improvement was well worth the money. The construction of the short cables is not so sturdy, so be careful when you remove the cables. See this link for more info:

Good luck.

I have no dealers in my area. Does anyone know where I get this Tara labs RSC Link?
I replaced the pre-power jumpers on my NAD3020 about 10 years ago and got a noticeable improvement. And that was with Radio Shack 75ohm video coax ! With the creek I'd imagine you'd get even more benefit.
I'd get any good interconnect, and make it as short as possible (since longer = more capacitance = high frequency attenuation).
Perhaps experiment with any interconnects you have to hand before paying tons of money for a cable (or make your own with RG214).
I bought 4 pairs of 6" interconnects off ubid a while ago, they are nicely made by orion. I used them for this with my Onkyo and it seemed to be a little smoother sounding (of course that was compared to 10 year old oxidized u bars)

I posted the same question not too long ago. Yes, the Tara Labs Missing Link, and Audioquest also makes one based on their Python IC. Audio Advisor sells the Audioquest. the Tara is available from Saturday Audio Exchange, 773-935-HIFI. About $35.

Take it one step further and eliminate the U bars and connectors by direct soldering a jumper across the two circuit boards. You can always replace the parts if you'd like to use the amp or pre seperately in the future or for resale purposes.
Mbhcid, soldering is not the best solution even sonically, especially if you want to use this amp as power amp or preamp only later-on.
Pure Silver Sound has some nice all-silver ones. They don't seem to have a photo of them on their site anymore, but here's the info:
It nevers seems to amaze me what little tweaks I learn about on Audiogon. I read this thread recently, and decided what the heck, give the Missing Link a try. My Creek 5350SE has about 60 hours with the Missing Link installed, and the results have been rather surprising. You can hear each of the instruments more precisely and their position is more pinpointed in the soundstage. The amount of air in Diana Krall's "When I Look in your Eyes" is noticebly better. I think my biggest surprise was the degree of decay I heard of the chimes in the song "New York Minute" on the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" (XRCD Version) This is definitely a keeper tweak.