Creek 53 v classe' CDP-10 v Linn Genki

Thoughts on any of these cd players? How does the Creek hold up too the others? I will be buying used, and I currently have a NAD 541i CDP. I think Sony will be pulling the plug shorty on SACD, I don't see a viable format in the near future so Im bulking up for improved redbook performance.

Also, I mentioned in another thread without at responses the prospects of older CDP's beating out todays cheaper priced CDP's.

A Copland 266 (upgraded with K-DAC's) vs a NAD 541i. The Copland is a 98, the NAD a 2003. I'm curious how a $3k CD player from 5years ago would sound vs a CD player of $1k or under from today.

Thanks, I really appreciate this forum.
Three fine players, I would rank them as follows:

1. Classe CDP-10 (If you can find an used one).
2. Linn Genki (built like a tank, warranty is not transfereable).
3. Creek 53 (finish is not on par with the Classe or Linn).
I have no experience with the Classe, but for my tastes the Creek 53 blows the Genki away as far as performance goes. I did find the Creek wants a good interconnect match, the PAD Elementa in my case, to show it's best, but the Genki just never opens up the music as well.