Creek 4330 and A43

I'd like to hear from people that own or have owned either of these products. I'm thinking about buying a 4330 for my Paradigms. I might want to add the A43 so I could biamp. Any thoughts? Suggestions? thanks!

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I definitely agree with Danvete. Two years ago when I decided to get my feet wet in the HI-FI world, I bought a 4330 and have never regretted it. The amp is far from perfect. That has become apparent with the refinement of my musical intention. But for five hindred bucks, you'd be hard pressed to do better in sound quality and the ability to drive just about any load. I wouldn't worry about bi-amping unless you have ruthlessly inefficient speakers, or are trying to drive your system in a very large room. Never forget...This is audio, keep it fun.