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All eight of the original CCR albums have been remastered using an (apparently) new high quality JVC process. According to the liner notes: "This album was mastered in analog using the 20-bit K2 Super Coding System. Developed by JVC, this system integrates three important digital audio functions: (1) Uses the JVC 128 times over-sampling high resolution analog to digital converter (2) Resolves the high resolution 20-bit signal to the 16-bit CD format while retaining thr integrity of low level information (3) Effectively eliminates time base jitter in the digital data stream. The end result is a CD of extra-ordinairily higher resolution than that of todays conventional CDs. The 20-bit Super coding system allows the listener to hear every subtle sonic nuance from the breathing of the muscians to the explosive crack of the snare drum. Enjoy." I requested the 8 CD set for Christmas and was so rewarded. So, how do they sound? See below. Craig
As a big CCR fan, I already had all of their 8 original CDs, plus the 2 Vol. GH sets in both aluminum and gold. I compared the originals to the new set and initially could not hear much difference, but it did seem that the originals were thinner with more apparent detail, so I was kind of disappointed-- at first. But then I played an original, "Bayou Country", for 20 - 25 min. and started getting a headache. So, I switched to the same CD done with JVCs 20-bit K2 process. My headache went away, and I realized that the "new" CD was smoother, richer, and more natural-- much easier to listen to, yet if anything, dynamics were increased. John Fogerty's voice was more natural, and treble guitar through his Fender tube amp was not thin, etched or shrill (I am very familiar with the sound of this amp). Also, there was no tendency to glare/smearing in the upper mids and low treble. I listened to the whole "Bayou Country" and "Willy and the Poor Boys" CDs without a hint of fatigue. If someone is making more money by remastering this music with this process, it's fine with me. I could not listen to the original CD set very long without getting listeners fatigue, but with this new set, I think I could listen to them all day. The other thing that caught me by surprise was that in a short listening session, ie comparing track to track, I might not have picked up the significant difference in music quality/character of these new CDs. It took me 20-30 min with each to really realize the improvement. So much for 5 min. A/B comparisons. Of the 8 CDs, my favorites are: "Bayou Country", "Willy and the Poor Boys", "Green River", and "Cosmo's Factory". "The Concert" was done live, and the music is there but the recording is not as good. "Mardi Gras" (I think) was their last album, and the band was getting into a weird country/western sound-- guess they just ran out of R&R; the only good song on this CD is "Sweet Hitch Hiker". Highly recommended to all CCR fans(and all R&R lovers). Cheers. Craig.
How do these compare to the re-masters that were done by DCC a few years back? I love the DCC's.
Craig, I have the CCR "chronicle" 20 greatest hits which was a 1994 remaster, and I thought it sounded pretty good considering how old some of the original material was. CD does not say what remaster technology was used.
My original 8 CCR CDs are all on the Fantasy Label and are mid to late 80's issues. I've not heard the DCC issues, but the "gold" CD is a bit smoother than the originals, but otherwise not much different. I thought the Gold CDs were DCC issues, but I guess not as they only show the Fantasy Label. I should have noted that these "new re-issues" were all done this year, ie 2000. I do think the CCR Chronicles are better sounding than the invidual 8 CDs, and they are mainly what I listened too for CCR music. Craig