Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

I tried this speakers out from Amazon, and it provides the same amount of clarity and refinement as my expensive B&W 602 SPEAKERS powered by Mcintosh amplifier. I keep telling myself what the heck is going on? has speaker technology advancing this far?

Of course these “Pebble” cannot go as low as the B&W nor provides the same amount of bass and dynamic contrast as the B&W, but the mid range and the treble are very close to the B&W!

I am a big fan of B&W, but hell, these “Pebble” pulled out a great trick that makes me question my audio purchasing.


Things that make you go hhhmmmm

Creative Sounds SBS250

Not advanced this far. It has been around for decades. If you do not need volume or bass. Listen to single driver and you’ll start to hear the crossover in regular speakers and understand why point source speakers are the holy grail of speaker design if you can live without treble or bass. And if you try to gain bass, you’ll loose the midrange.

Consider Vandersteen sells his 2-way coaxial for maybe $3k. But to get bass, expect to pay an additional $40,000.


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