Creative Cable, Silver Bullet, digital cable?

Does anyone have any experience/opinions with Creative Cable, Siver Bullet, digital cable?
I own it and have used it in my system with a North Star transport and Monarchy M24 DAC. It is a great cable, but not certain it is worth the extra cost versus the Green Hornet, which I have also had in my system, but unfortunately not at the same time, so take that into consideration as my memory isn't what it used to be. Also, the RFI box is somewhat large and you will need to be a little careful how the cable is hooked up in your system.

It's out of my system right now as I'm evaluating the I2S interface with the North Star transport and DAC combo. I would not hesitate to put it back in, but for that kind of money you should call Robert at Star Sound and talk to him about his Music Note cables. I also have one of these and like it alot. It's made of copper and has a very smooth sound, while also presenting excellent detail. Lots of choices out there in the price range you are looking in.
I had the Silver Bullet for almost two years. I tried on a whim the 12digital, and found it to be much more "alive" (and resolving) than the SB. I sold the SB...