creation lives as creator goes

all these years there remains to be products worth keeping for an indefinite period of time..
I have been very satisfied with my Nestorovic system 12 that consists of a pair of satellites and subwoofers powered by a nestorovic monoblocks..connected by z cables..
Unfortunately both its creators Mile Nestorovic and Mark Hampton have retired due to health reasons..
I am sure there are others worthy of mention as they deserve honor and recognition..
Spica, made by John Bau in the 80s 90s. He agreed to be bought out by Parasound, who shut him down shortly after they took him over. Why remains a mystery to the audio community. He made great speakers at real world prices.
Not too many people know about Nestorovic but I have heard them and they are great. I've had two pairs of Spica TC-50's and still keep 1 pair around... never knew that Parasound bought him out... I just thought the biz went belly up. Yeah it was too bad, always wondered what a super modified tweeked out Spica could do if the original was so good.