creating slideshow on PC from itunes album art

rather than seeing images of 3D Pipes, it would be nice instead to have a slide show/screen saver of the album art associated with the music in my itunes music library. it seems that itunes does not save the artwork in a format that Windows XP recognizes as a picture, however, so i can't figure out how to make this happen.

is there a way to find and convert the album art to a jpeg or gif? is there an itunes plugin that can make this happen? thanks for any help.
Macs can do it. I am a PC idiot.
email me and i will send you pics of it in action.
Actually i just updated my pics in my virtual system. You should find what you are looking for there.
suhweet! but that looks like album art displayed when you are playing the tune -- i am trying to get album art as a slide show screensaver. also, i am PC not mac. oh well.
it will do a crazy artwork screensaver too. Remember the itunes commercial with all the album artwork in blocks going up and down like a sky scraper? Not like that lol, i wish, but it will do like a tile pattern and randomly change album art.