creating a music database

I need help to catalog over 400 cds. Are there any readers available that could read the bar codes on the back of all cd's? and place them in a file system? thanks
Yes, the perfect product is CD Trustee.

Automatically build your own database of song titles, artists, and albums, simply by inserting each CD into your computer. Takes seconds per disc. Catalog LPs and MP3s too!

You can learn more at
To my knowlege, a bar code is just a unique number to identify an item. The store sets up its own database using the item number as the key.
Sony has a media server (in the $2000 range) that includes a 400 (200?) disk player.
You load the player with CDs, connect the system to high-speed internet, press a button and the system automatically loads the digital CD files to the server!
It also retrieves album cover art and song lists (from where I don't know).
They should have some kind of interface that lets you create a spreadsheet-type listing.
I use a program, Readerware which allows one to use the unique barcodes on CDs (DVDs and books also) to catalog them in your computer. I use a wireless barcode reader (one of several recommended by Readerware) to upload the CD album titles (the program uses the internet to get all info including album name, title, and album cover art) into my laptop. I just go to the shelves and scan the barcodes (like is done at cash registers) and the scanner sends them to my laptop. If I am out of range of my laptop, then the scanner stores them until get intorange and then uploads them. Vinyl or CDs without barcodes have to entered manually or via websites, like Amazon, etc. Readerware spells out all details of product in a user-friendly manner.
A product very simular to the one Rgwrjs mentions is available from Collectorz...
I use Music Collector ( They have a barcode function but I have not tried it with an actual barcode reader. This program, like most of the others will archive the album info, track names, track times, etc and will find album cover art (if connected to Internet). Everything can be sorted, searched, and even logged as loaned out or checked in. There are also dozens of custom templates available on their site for changing the look and feel of the program and the print outputs. One thing to be aware of though, if album cover art is important to you, I only found about a 75% success rate through the available searches (and there were many, including barcode). I had to search the internet (mostly Amazon and BMG) to find the remainder of the cover art. Good luck with your project.