create a system for 2K

I have between $2-2.5k to assemble a system (can be used equipment) for a very good friend.
He is a musician and listens to small jazz ensembles and alot of world music.
He wants a simple 2-channel set-up w/cdp only at this point to go in a medium (22x14) sized room.
I'm looking for suggestions for a complete set-up including all cable and other important tweeks, if they are essential to the system- I'm looking for players who play particularly well together- a million thanks-
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Let's make it $2500.Here is my suggestion:
1.Loudspeakers-Michael Green Design Classic 60(a member is selling them on audiogon)-$1000.
2.Amplifier:Audiolab 8000S-60watt/ch integrated.There is new from the former distributor for $550.00(
3.Player:CEC TL5100Z belt drive-$650.
4.Purist Audio Design Elementa or, better, Aquaeus cables.
I have very similar set-up,and it is very good for this kind of music.
I would bet that he would give you a hug if he heard the Harbeth P3 coupled with NAD components. As a musician, he would be immune to hype, (NAD being "mid-fi",) and enjoy the accuracy this combo would produce. These speakers are about as cheap as one can go [new] and get voices perfect, and the NAD components are very good. He would also be perfectly happy using a DVD player for cd playback and then he could also have it for movie watching. If the Harbeth line seems too remote for you, PSB is outstanding for the price, and there are always many styles to be found both new and used. Remember, musicians typically listen to music and not gear, this is a much easier task than trying to please a gearhead. Happy hunting.

I think the Harbeth/NAD recommendation is a good one. --Though a few of these components have recently sold, I thought the Moth Audio 2A3 integrated (1100), Soliloquy 2A3 monitors (500), and a Rega Planet 2000 CDP (500) would have been a nice combination in the world of tubes. That would still have left 400 for interconnects and speaker wire. DH Labs BL-1 interconnects and Q10 biwire speaker cables would stay within that range quite easily.
used linn classic and a pair of used linn ninkas. Simple, elegant, and sound you can't find at 4x the price
I assembled a system for less than $2200 (including taxes & shipping) from dealer demos, closeouts, ebay, and Audiogon. I think it sounds pretty damn good:

Speakers: Rega Jura
Integrated Amplifier: Myryad MI-120
CD Player: Rega Planet
Turntable: Rega Planar 3 2000 w/ RB 300 and Elys Cartridge
Phono Stage: Myryad MYM 33 MM
Speaker Wire: Audioquest type 6
Interconnects: Nordost Blue Heaven & Tara Labs Prism 55i
Buy a close out on last years Onkya 100 watts per channel, hook up klipsch sb2 bookshelf spearkers and add a sub. Then smile to yourself everytime you audition speakers of almost any price. I bought a system just like that and it sounds great. I have a much more expensive system which I think sounds the same... but my nephew likes to drive me crazy and says the Klipsch sounds better.
My budget system of used components(also on other threads):
Magnepan 1.6 speakers $750
luxman R-117 receiver $285
Sony CDP 75es 5 disc player $100-150
McCormack DAC-1 Deluxe $285
nordost superflatline cables 3M $50
Belden 89259 interconnects 1M $15
Sonicwave Toslink 280 thread glass 1M $23
Powervar 12 line conditioner $140
My suggestion for an audio system for around $2K to about $2.5K???

Speaker System: Totem Model # 1 Signature -- $1,200.00
Integrated Amplifier: Classe Audio CAP-101 -- $900.00 (used)
Compact Disc Player: Rega Planet -- $300.00 (used)
Cables: Cardas Crosslink -- $200.00 or so

And if you are able to do so, also save up for some decent stands later on. The Totems at least deserve that.

Good Luck and Happy Listening