Cream: Disraeli Gears Documentary

If you've never seen this movie and loved the band, I highly recommend this. The footage and interviews are amazing. If you have Netflix streaming its on there. There's more than one Cream movie so make sure you pick this one. To be able to see Jack Bruce play Sunshine of your Love on stand up bass is priceless and Clapton with the wahwah petal when it was first invented is very cool.
Saw it on VH1 a while ago and loved it. Made me realize how awesome those times were for art and music, and how far culturally we've moved away from the free spirit of the '60s and '70s, but for much worse.
I'm on it. Thanks for the tip..
Thanks for the tip. Disraeli Gears is the first album that I ever purchased.
Thanks! Is there a link?
Love (the) Cream. Are you referring the Classic Albums DVD?
Thanks Don, I will watch it.
donjr, thanks for the reference. as you said, it was cool to see clapton et. al. break down the songs and to learn, among other things, that "tales of brave ulysses" was lifted from "summer in the city" by the lovin spoonful. my take on cream, however, is that the parts were greater than the sum of the whole, which is to say that while baker/bruce/clapton were inarguably among the best ever a their instruments, and bruce was a very good songwriter and singer, their recorded stuff always sounded a bit leaden/hyperserious to me and didn't have the swing of peers like the who or zeppellin. still "we're going wrong" and "swlabr" are great songs.
Cream! There has never been a greater threesome. I think Zeppellin (IMO) is one of the most overated groups. Catchy tunes, but I would love to hear Clapton do Jimmy's solos. Cream was the cream of the crop. Monsters. BTW, just to digress a bit (the fun of a thread like this) Clapton in John Mayall and the Blues Breakers is a piece of work. If you have not heard this album? One of the greatest albums (IMO) ever. If you're over 55 you know I be talk'n about. Too bad the songs on the album are so short.
I watched part one last night and really learned a lot. Thanks for the heads up.
Donjr - where can I locate this. Available on Netflix only?
Ghost. I watched it on Netflix streaming. I believe Jafant is correct in that its part of a series called Classic Albums. I watched the one on The Band last night and it was equally as good. If you have trouble locating it let me know and I'll see if I can help further.
The documentary can also be caught on VH-1. They replay it every so often.
Thanks Don & Actus- I'll do some more hunting around. The Band -another one I'd like to catch.
I must say that VH1 has done an excellent job with the Classic Albums series, assuming VH1 is responsible for them. The story behind the making of "Wish You Were Here" was also incredibly well made and fascinating to watch.

Btw, you can also watch the Cream documentary on youtube in five parts. Here's a link to Part 1: