Crazy question. Any upgraded 2 prong 18 gauge power cords available ?

This is for a Bose 700 soundbar and 500 wireless sub. Just for a out door kitchen/bar.  The power cords are just 18 gauge 2 prong. Does anybody make a thicker gauge in a  IEC C7 configuration?.   It just seems the stock cords look they belong on a clock radio. Probably may not make any difference in SQ but it could. :)




Thanks.  I should have Googled  first !!  Patrick made me a power cable for my conditioner. Good peeps. 

If you already have extra/good power cords on hand pick up a C7/C14 adapter.

I have the following one (purchased years ago), but there are many listed online.


Thanks. Never had a pice of audio equipment with a C7  cord. After looking around they are used quite a bit. Thanks on the adapter idea. 

I used the adapter on a Pioneer CDR approx. 20 years ago.

Regardless of the additional "chink in the chain" the recording quality improved with the addition of a better after market PC.