Crazy crazy crazy

If we ever get through all this craziness and Axpona kicks back up meet me on the second floor at the bar. I’m buying the first round. Stay safe friends.

It seems that, for many, second dose is less comfortable than the first one. Do not be surprised. Good luck.

Ever thought of writing your autobiography?
No joke, I'm certain it would make fascinating reading.
My wife got first vaccine last week.  So far so good. 
@aolmrd1241  If you don't trust Pfizer what about Moderna? I mean come on the FDA here and counterparts in other countries have approved and tested the vaccine. You can look at any giant corporation and find fines etc. What matters is does the vaccine work? Your "expert" has no expertise in infections disease whatsoever. Her opinions are meaningless and contradict professional medical opinion.

I understand the need to find someone who sounds like they know what they're talking about that gives your own opinions validations. It doesn't mean you should and it certainly doesn't mean you or she are correct.
Personally, I’m going for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when possible.
Fascinating stuff...