Crazy crazy crazy

If we ever get through all this craziness and Axpona kicks back up meet me on the second floor at the bar. I’m buying the first round. Stay safe friends.

"Got the drinks down (3 fingers of Wild Turkey 81 for me..."

I am sorry, but 3 does not go well with 81. Esthetics first. It will have to be 6.
Can they legally serve Shirley Temples at 10am??!
What sort of hedonistic Devil's Den is Illinois, anyway??

Glupson- “There is no dinner menu. Bar opens at 10 am, I think.“

Pre-party starts at 9:00.
Wow...enlightening indeed. Teo  is obviously either insane or mentally challenged.  MC is something else altogether...pseudo intellectual comes to mind.  Anyway...someone said meet me at the bar?  I’m in...right after my DNA altering vaccinations kick in!

My education and professional background allow me to make the above comments with a satisfactory degree of confidence.

Now I'm getting that "The Shining" vibe (and I like it).