Crazy crazy crazy

If we ever get through all this craziness and Axpona kicks back up meet me on the second floor at the bar. I’m buying the first round. Stay safe friends.
A good single malt, at least old enough to vote :). Count me in. 
Thanks to millercarbon, and to some extent teo_audio, this thread has been getting joyful.
The meeting at the bar thing appeals to me. I don't know where all you guys live, but here in Texas I met with my football buddies every Sundays at the sports bar to watch our favorite NFL team. No masks, six of us, different age range, holding different jobs, no one sick and I am 66. Lighten up! Life should be enjoyed, living thru fear is not worth living.
Glen will have to be at least 21 years to hang with us. As far as the proposed Go Fund Me, MC (if attending) is welcome to join in (after ten plus drinks) the competition to pick up the ONE female audiophile. (God Bless Her)
Who is the first one to try "want to come home and hear my stereo"??