Crazy crazy crazy

If we ever get through all this craziness and Axpona kicks back up meet me on the second floor at the bar. I’m buying the first round. Stay safe friends.
This seems like a competition to see who is craziest. I have teo_audio in the lead by a nose over MC.
@arch2   Although you didn't use the phrase "return to normalcy", your mention of "get through" and "kicks back up" was more than enough to trigger the knee-jerk [I use the term advisedly] reaction in MC, whose  fantastical bunkum seems to get more strident with every passing day.
Took a week off from Agon to see if a fresh set of eyes would restore some joy to visiting the site.  Nope, MC is as triggered as always and steals any semblance of joy I could ever get from participating here.  I will try back in a few months perhaps.  Much better forums than this out there for sure.
Chucky is a constant. He tries belittling everyone nonstop.
But no one else could possibly be any smaller.
Laws of physics.
Axpona is pushed from last April to this August.
Hope to see you there.
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