The New York Times has an article on a serious vinyl collection, should not be missed.Ā®ion=inside-nyt-region&WT.nav=inside-nyt-region

Now we know who to call to collect our vinyl. The mystery buyer is unmasked.
Tremendous job on sharing this one, Mr. Buconero. Well done.
Thanks for the link! What an interesting story.
Not crazy but seriously obsessed. It does beat having all these Lps end up in the dump. Now he has to set up a trust to maintain all this stuff after he's gone.
One can't help wondering if a nice casket can be made by melting down say 10,000 LPs? Hmmmmmm...
Here is another very interesting story about the world's number one audiophile. We should keep these stories available in case anyone starts feeling a little guilty about our own minor obsessions.

The World's Number One Audiophile
Somebody should tell this guy that they are pumping out new records by the thousands. The average person doesn't even know records are still made, so this story seems somewhat interesting to them.
Whatever floats your boat.
BTW: Anyone wonder why his first wife divorced him?
"Would you rather have those records or me? Do I have to answer? But I'm saving them for posterity!" 8^)