Cranberries Remasters

I was wondering if anyone had compared the Cranberries original albums to the remasters (I'm specifically interested in No Need to Argue and Everybody Else is Doing It...). I don't see much on the internet in the way of comparisons, so I'd love to hear if anyone has heard both the originals/remasters.
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I have their entire discography in original releases and only a couple of (duplicate) remasters, but not a remaster of NNTA or EEIDI.

That said, I do not like how the remasters sound as compared to the original; the remastered ones sound louder, but more compressed, especially in the mid-range - it is rather fatiguing.

If you can get your hands on original releases, I would recommend it over remasters. They sound beautiful - of course, I could listen to Dolores sing the phone book; (can you tell I'm in love with her voice?!)

I sure wish I could find NNTA in original vinyl!

BTW, her solo albums, especially the latest "No Baggage," has the feel of those first two albums you mentioned.