CR Ripper w/ Storage and Playback

I am looking for a CD Ripper with a minimum of 2TB of storage that I can also use for playback.  No streaming, no DAC, no amp or other bells and whistles as I have that covered by other components.  Budget approx $1,500. 

I have looked at the Cocktail Audio X35, but that has streaming and an amp.  The Bluesound Vault 2i comes a bit closer to the mark but is still a streamer.  I prefer if the $$ I spend are just invested into what I actually need as opposed to additional functionality that is redundant in my case.  Does such an animal exist?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I just rip on the PC where I can tag and edit if needed and drag & drop to external SSD's plugged into the streamers via wifi. Just pay retail for storage instead of some manufacturers markup.
You are free to spend whatever makes you happy.
i thought the same thing..... just a ripper, but you know what?  i bought a Vault 2i and it totally changed the way i listen to music.  there are some cool free channels but for $14.99 a month i get unlimited music i can sample.  it has turned me on to so much great music i would have never been exposed to.  worth a look