CR Electronic Design -US/Canada distributor

Hello: Does anybody know of a US or Canada based distributor of CR Electronic that will sell parts? I'm looking for an On/Off power switch & chrome knob for a CR 626 Integrated Amp.

I had reached out to CR Electronic directly via email and received a single response stating that they'll get back to me. They never did and haven't returned my follow-up.

Thanks in advance,
Dothey have retailers, if so try through them. If you must throw in the towel, try Antique Electronic Supply among other such parts dealers.
If you can't deal with the company, an easier way to do this would be to get in touch with a place like Parts Connection, and replace all of the knobs instead of trying to match just 1. You may find that you like better.
I'm one of the few owners of CR Developments Artemis mono-blocks. I guess they've re-badged themselves as CR Electronic Design. These mono-blocks have a manual bias, but the owner's manual doesn't say what the actual setting should be. I asked a CR Developments' dealer in Canada and he referred me to another owner - not the manufacturer. The other owner said 150millivolts. Neither CR Developments nor CR Electronic Design ever returned my emails requesting to confirm the bias settings. Forget about getting any customer support from this company.
If you need to get some info from these guys, call them and say you're looking to buy something and can't find a dealer. Most likely they'll see dollar signs and try to sell you direct instead of sending you to one of their dealers. In the midst of their sales pitch, slip your question in and hang up when you get your answer. Simply put; treat them like they treat you.