CR Developments tube amps and pre's, anyone heard

Hi all:

I have been investigating this product to bring into the store. Although it seems to have a good following in the UK where it s made, do any of my respected audiophile neighbours in the USA have any "experienced" thoughts on this line. The Woodham KT88 integrated and the Artemis power amps look very good, but as you all know, looks guarantees nothing about overal sound.

You are the best folks to commission for an opinion, and I truly repect your opinion moreso than that of any audiorag! Here's the Canadian distributors website, check the amps out.

thanks all, Audiojudge
they look beautifull, but ... I am familiar with them
You say " I am familiar with them" could you please continue, or is this a typo that should have read " but I am NOT familiar with them"
thanks Weny.
I've heard the Calypso in a background system a few times. Just with an adcom tuner and some older speakers of unknown origin. Sounded good - nice warm sound with good transparency. Can't say I heard them in a 'critical listening' environment. They're quite a nice package for the price.

One of my friends who is a major tube guru was working on one when I came to see him. He commented that they were very well made.
Thank-you John, little-by-little I will gain information on what "the real listeners", being yourself and other audiophiles have to say about them. Now, did you happen to glance at the rear panel of the unit? Detachable or captive power cord, did you notice if it has remote control?, anything you can vaguely recall is always helpful, Audiojudge
I don't believe it has a remote control. The power cord is an iec detachable. The integrated amps are nice looking too.
I own the CR Developments Woodham 300 Classic Tube Preamp. It is a very nicely constructed piece and was described as "Product of the Year" in 1999 by a number of Japanese magazines, not too shabby considering the competition included all other domestic and import gear for that year.
I have used quite a number of preamps in my system and this is by far the best so far, it's pushing a pair of Marantz Model 9's if that's an indication. Very quiet for a Tube pre; fast and extremely dynamic. CR Developments appear to market quite a range of Tube equipment, I don't think you'd be disappointed if you stocked them.
I have no affiliation with the company, just a very satisfied owner!
I currently use CR's 2-box Kastor pre-amp and CD player. I have owned the class A Romulus, Woodhams KT88 and may spring for the Artemis soon. I am quite a CR fan! They are hand built, generally reliable, have low noise and sound dynamic, fast and musical. I am told by the designer that many of their tube products are based on pro/studio designs but customised for domestic use.

However, the CD player has quirky controls and is fussy with certain discs. Also their products are not tropicalised. In my experience, they do not seem to fare too well in hot and humid climates. I have seen my Romulus OPT burn up and some caps/resistors in the Kastor overheat. I have also been warned that the Artemis runs very hot and should not be left on indefinitely.

What is a fair price for a Woodham 300 Classic preamp? I saw one for sale going around $2500. Is $1750 a good buy?