CPI super platter vs. Classic aluminum platter

Have you compared both? Which is best performer?
I had a Super Platter on an Aries 1, and I never liked it. The Classic on the other hand; they will pry it from my cold dead hands....

Love it.
more important for a sound improvement is to get rid of the VPI mini feet. The table has to be solidly attached to a solid platform. The minifeet has a rubber gasket in it that does no good. Look at Bearpaws Vermontaudio.com
This is a huge improvement
Own Super Scoutmaster with acrylic platter, upgrade to SSM Ref with super platter and it was a significant upgrade.

I also own Classic, it does have a lighter tone than my SSM Ref but then they have different cartridge on them (though from the same maker).

My super platter had to go back to VPI due to thermal cycle causing it to not perfectly aligned any more. Per Mike, he said this was a "common" problem and major reason for VPI to stop making it.

Mike kept it for 3 months and could not fix it. He just mailed me back a refurb from a trade in. He was more than happy to send me a new Classic platter, but I insisted on super platter because I like the sound more. He did not disagree with me.
I like the acrylic platter better than the new aluminum. Better sound to my ears
I can't believe some of you like the Superplatter compared to the Classic platter. The difference is very clearly presented with the Super sounding tubby and closed in where the Classic is open and free. They really are at the opposite ends of presentation.