Cozi fan Tutti, EMI or Angel Records?

I found two versions of the same recording of the same Mozart Opera, Cosi Fan Tutti. Both version are three disc sets with the libreto, in the same condition and almost the same price. It is the 1965 recording with Karl Bohm conducting and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.

The question is which one should I buy? I have had very positive experience with Angel records but EMI is reputable too.

So what do you think, which should I buy? EMI, Angel, both or none.
Although I don't have and have not heard that particular recording in either edition, I would suggest going with the EMI.

EMI recordings issued in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's generally had a well-deserved reputation for excellent sonics. A goodly number of them appeared on Harry Pearson's/The Absolute Sound's recommended recordings lists during the early 80's or thereabouts.

Many of their Angel counterparts, however, had a well-deserved reputation in the opposite direction.

Typically, btw, the EMI label was used for releases in Europe, while the Angel label was used for releases in the USA.

-- Al
EMI. Angel pressings were notoriously inconsistent.
The EMI pressing was made in France.
I have the Angel version. Nothing special as far as audio. Love the performances.
I have many Angel recordings, none are as good as the EMI recordings I have, I would always get the European pressing if I had the choice. This is true of just about every label I am familiar with.
EMI it is, then! Now I just need to find the time to return to the shop to pick it up.
I picked up the EMI version. It sounds great except! The vinyl appears in pristine shape but when the soprano hits her high notes (when it should feel like the wine glasses will shatter), the sound turns to $!?@.

There is considerable sibilance, and of course at all the wrong moments. I not sure I can complain for $8. I think I am going to exchange it for the Angel recording maybe the vinyl is in better shape.
Actually I humbly suggest Karajan's earlier mono on UK Angel or EMI. Magical.
Hi, Did you exchange the record for the Angel version? I think it does sound as if the problem is just with the vinyl and does not have anything to do with the quality.

I have been away and I didn't get a chance to exchange the record yet. Hopefully over the weekend.
I finally picked up the Angel recording. I now have both pressings in my possession. I haven’t had the time to really listen closely for the subtle differences between the two. However, the EMI record is definitely worn. The Angel recording has no sibilance.

I will post again once I have compared the two more closely.
The new recording by Rene Jacobs on SACD is wonderful. A great performance on period instruments and the recording is heavenly. YOu will not be disappointed.
The EMI pressing is audibly superior.

Here is my review of the Angel vs EMI pressings. The biggest difference is that the pressing is 2 or 3 dB louder. As a result it is more detailed and the sound stage is more forward.

This of course ignores the issue of sibilance.

I now have two big dilemas, first which pressing do I return to the store. The EMI sounds great except for when the sopranos hit the high notes. You know when it really counts! On the other hand the Angel recording sounds mediocre throughout.

But the second dilema is, is it my set-up or the vinyl. My SL-1200 is not the best rig around. The EMI record is pressed louder and thus is more difficult to track. On the other hand my TT sails through the "Audio Obstacle Course" on my Shure test record. Is the test record a valid reference?

Finally to reply to Huntermusic, I don't have an SACD player unfortunately.