Cowboys Junkies: playing live in my area

I just noticed they will be playing at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY this May. I was wondering if anyone has seen them play live in recent years.
I just say them recently (2009) in Portland with Son Volt. Great show, musicians and experience. Margo is still sexy on stage - and her voice is still vital.

Make sure you pick up their "show only" disc ACOUSTIC JUNK. It's fantastic! (Shame it's not pressed on vinyl).
I saw them about a year ago in Oakland. They were fantastic. Margo is still mesmerizing. If you like their recordings, you'll love them live.
Wonderful live. One of the best live shows out there. Margo...oh Margo.
Wow! I'm sold. Tickets are an easily digestible $27.00. I can't wait to see them.
Have seen CJ numerous times, most recently last year. I'm always happy I saw them; they've been doing it a long time, and it shows in their very well put together shows. Margo is also very nice (in addition to being a hypnotic performer) and still often comes out to talk to fans after shows. So highly recommended, but do note that they play *very* laid back shows, trending to sleepy. I like this, but don't go hoping to be "blown away."

Notec is spot on regards "Acoustic Junk." Figure 10 bucks added to ticket price; it's not available online. Nice to hear Margo's time-burnished voice in very intimate settings, and the recording, like a lot of CJ's, is very fine for popular music. I use cuts from it to demo equipment.


If anyone wants to sell their "Acoustic Junk" CD, I'll buy it.
Saw them in Chicago a few weeks ago. Very nice show that included a few covers - Stones, N Young and R Johnson. Folks tape the shows and post online. I downloaded the Chicago show and found it very well done. Must be played at a level that mirrors that of the show however - 91db per my trusty Iphone app called SPL meter from Studio Six Digital (no affiliation). Agree the shows are "sleepy" but in an intimate setting can be just wonderful.