Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Sessions on Vinyl

Has anyone heard the Classic reissue of this one. Was TS ever put out on standard vinyl, never came across a copy in a used record shop.... If anyone has heard the Classic reissue or for that matter any vinyl pressing, how is it.
It's wonderful! I have both the Classic 180 gram and 200 gram pressings in addition to the 45RPM set.

I also have a regular copy that is a Canadian pressing that's pretty good also.

Trinity Revisited is stellar too...
It seems that there are some recordings that have garnered a sort of "mythic" status for some reason or another.This i believe is one of them.To answer your question,the "Trinity Sessions" sold quite a few on RCA standard vinyl upon release.Helped out by a piece on the band in Time magazine.
People just keep talking about this record.Is it the oddly sultry vocals or what ? I just picked up a mint copy of the lp out of a collection for 1.00-- i thought i would see what the deal was and the investment was minimal. I listened to side one and the sonics were interesting,except for the foot tapping that was picked up by the microphone.But nothing special.
This band played the week of the lp release,and the same week as the magazine article,at a record store i worked at so i got to meet the mysterious Margot and her brothers.
I wish someone would explain the strange power this record seems to hold over those in the audiophile community.
I just saw them live in Troy, NY recently. Not my kind of venue, but they were very good. I also have TS on a Gold CD, not sure of the label offhand. Anyway, I have gone vinyl only for now, and want to get a nice pressing. Maybe I will spring for the Classic. Thanks for the comments so far, and keep em coming.
I just saw them last month at the Arvada Center in Denver and they were amazing. Haunting, sweet, powerful all at once.

The "Trinity Sessions" were recording with the group circled around a single microphone in the small Church of the Holy Trinity. If your system is capable of decent resolution, the recording is spooky.
Don, get a 45 rpm classic records copy. It is worth it.
The 200g classic re-issue is superb. The 45 RPM issue is outstanding. I have an original Canadian pressing that is also great. ( "I wish someone would explain the strange power this record seems to hold over those in the audiophile community").... I can only answer what I beleive or my opinion but I feel this is one of those rare recordings that captures the intimacy and the accoustics of where it was recorded without a hint of it being altered , processed or engineered to remove or add anything to it. In short at least for me when I play this LP I don,t even think of it as a recording, I just sit back and listen and my living room becomes that intimate venue. Cheers
Thanks Jtinn and Has2be. Checked Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct last night. Neither has the 45 rpm, but both have the 200 gram LP. I will keep an eye out for the 45, but may have to settle on the 200 Gram. There just Has2be a way to get the 45.
I just grabbed the Classic 45 rpm off Amazon for $109.
Thanks again, it should be here in 4-14 days. This comes in second for the most I have ever spent on vinyl. What was my previous, for those curious. A Japanese PF: The Wall for $200.00, followed by a Muddy Waters: Folk Singer MFSL which was $100.00.
Don't forget their first album "Whites off earth now". If anything, I enjoy this album even more than Trinity Sessions. A great reinterpretation of many blues standards.
I received my 45 rpm TS, and listened to it last night.
Just a great performance, but the sound of this Classic 45 rpm is really special. I am right with Has2be and Jtinn on this one. If you really like this performance, try and get your hands on this one. As a special bonus, along with the great sound, burn 400% more calories.
OK people, I know I'm being anal but it's "Session" - singular not plural. Pet peeve rant over.
Fjn04, good luck with your amazon order. Ordering vinyl from amazon is not recommended as they do not - and have never - packaged LPs with any care.
Thanks Notec, I was a bit apprehensive about buying on Amazon.
Especially an album north of $100.00. I was unfamiliar w/ the process, and never chose the expedited shipping option. I waited it out through media mail for at least one week. There was some suspense, especially about the care taken to package it.... The seller, bestrecordsever, really came through. It was literally double boxed, w/ cardboard and all, to prevent bending.... I am picky, but this seller was A++. I even e-mailed him at the one week point, and he promptly returned the e-mail.
Hey Fjn04,
Small world. I just received a rather pricey LP from the same seller a couple of days ago. It arrived in perfect condition and the packaging was bulletproof. I left + feedback for the seller through Amazon pointing this out. Glad to hear your TS copy arrived as advertised. It is one of my favorite LPs also.
Mnmark, great to hear you had a positive experience as well.
Sibelius, Thanks for the reco on White off Earth Now. I ordered it from Acoustic Sounds yesterday. I also ordered a bunch of Disc Doctor stuff. The whole kit w/ brushes/xtra pads for my 16.5, xtra arm tube + Holder.
I guess Michael Fremer rinses w/ Aquafina, so one Aquafina
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