Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions 45 RPM Classic R

Any help would be appreciated.....Thanks

I understand Classic Records has released the 45 RPM series of the Trinity Sessions by the Cowboy Junkies 3 different ways, and I just wanted to find out if the stickers on the first 2 releases is how to tell them apart from one another...

Was the first issue 180 gram with the 4 one sided lp's 45RPM, with a full length (33RPM)included, making it a 5 LP issue Would this only have a sticker on the bottom right corner that says Quiex SV Super Vinyl?

Was the 2nd issue a 180 Gram with just the 4LP's @ 45 RPM only? Would the stickers be (the same as above on the bottom right) & another sticker on the bottom left that says...45 RPM Series (Special One Sided Pressings?)...

And the 3rd was the 200 G series....

I am really interested in how to tell the first 2 180 G releases apart, and if it is with the stickers, and if the 1st release was a 5LP issue.. ?

I have never heard of a (5) LP 45rpm release. The only one I am aware of is the 4 LP set. This set included the empty LP jacket and (4) 45rpm records.