Cowboy Junkies-Trinity Revisited...In deed

Has it really been twenty years since the release of the landmark album “The Trinity Sessions” by the Cowboy Junkies? Apparently so because “Trinity Revisited” is the 20th anniversary of that event.

WOW is what I have to say!!! This is an incredible recording. Margo’s voice is as pure and sweet as ever, but more refined, more powerful and more mature. The musicianship is second to none. This recording features some amazing guests as well. Ryan Adams, Vic Chestnutt, Jeff Bird and Natalie Merchant.

This set includes a CD and a DVD of the performance. I’ve been so taken with the CD that I haven’t even watched the DVD yet.

If you’re not a Cowboy Junkies fan or didn’t like the original “Trinity Sessions”, then you’ll probably not like this either, but do yourself a favor and at least listen to it. The recording space, The Church of the Holy Trinity has a very unique and special sound. The ambiance is incredible and on my system throws one of the deepest and WIDEST soundstages that I have ever heard. Kinda magical in my opinion.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…
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Cowboy Junkies are great...sounds like a must have for a Cowboy Junkies fan....on my way to get a copy!!
Thanks, I'm going to pick this up. Is the DVD widescreen? I play this recording a lot...even after all these years, it still impresses in a huge way.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know there was a new release. I'll have to pick it up. Margo's voice is absolutely mesmerizing. Lay It Down and The Caution Horses are two of my faves, but if you haven't heard Early 21st Century Blues, give it a twirl. Lots of emotion and soul.
according to Amazon it looks like the Junkies tried to re-create the original magic with some guest musicians and some extra mics. I wonder what the result will be? Will the intimacy be loss with the "bigger budget" recording?

Has anyone had a chance to compare the original to the new recording?
I meant to add that it would be a major injustice if someone doesn't release this on vinyl...45 RPM VINYL! How about it Classic or Mobile Fidelity?
I watched the DVD last night. All I can say is Margo is now on my list of hot women (mostly redheads) with great bands! Unless you are a true Junkies fan, you can't fully appreciate the CD without seeing the performance on the DVD first. Mesmerizing................................................My list: Bonnie Raitt, Loreena McKennitt, Cindy Lauper, Alison Krauss, Chrissy Hynde, Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Emmy Lou Harris. All have excellent concert DVD's that go well with a nice Italian red wine.
The amazing thing with this cd is shows just how much Margo timmins voice has improved over the years - there are spot on this CDs that are truely amazing - Really recommend it
Saw them live in show last summer with a friend of mine at le festival de jazz de Montreal just before the famous Spectrum close Amazing the voice of Margo Thimmens was floating like all the instruments
The Trinity sessions is one of my favorite space out album especialy on a good set up
Lets applause them!!!
Thanks for the heads-up. Just picked up a copy, on ebay, for $7.00
I posted about this release late last year...yes, the DVD is superb, both acoustically as well as visually. It is in widescreen format. Along with the entire session, beautifully lit, filmed and edited, it has an interview with the band and their original producer from The Trinity Session talking about the original recording and the evolution of the band. It is a must-have for any Cowboy Junkies fan, and stands on its own merits even though the actual material they perform is identical. Some of that comes from the three guest performers who join the band for this performance, including Natalie Merchant, Ryan Adams and Vic Chestnut. Some of it has to do with the way the band has matured after 20 years of performing together. Also, the original Trinity Session was recorded with the band playing (at Trinity Church in Toronto) around a single microphone. In this (Revisited) session all the performers are miked separately. The performance retains the superb atmospheric acoustics of the stone church (which the producer at one point mentions has "golden acoustic proportions"), but this recording has a denser presentation than the original (to my ears). Again, both stand on their own merit..both are excellent. Definitely add this one to your collection if you are a fan, and look into it if you have not heard them before.

I will have it today...I'm looking forward to watching the DVD tonight! The Cowboy Junkies web site has some of the music/video for preview.

Got it yesterday. The CD is outstanding and DVD is very, very good.
just got it today. Wow! Electric that is intimate and made for tubes. Real sweet. Can't wait to watch the DVD. This is one honey of a cd. Thanks mofimadness. Great call.
Everyone who's waiting for it to be released on LP raise your hand!
Once again, watch the DVD, including the "making of" documentary. I still have the songs in my head several days after viewing!
Watched the DVD tonight. Don't get better than this if you're a 'Junkie fan. sweet....
Tboooe - rest easy - the extra money went to good use - the layering is quite extraordinary and the parts are much better delineated
Love the new Trinity except for ...........................
Natalie Merchant. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!?? Why do people love her for guest appearances? It's horrible. It must stop. I may start a petition.

Grew up in Toronto and love the Junkies though - they're playing here in Austin in June at a tiny venue with perfect acoustics - makes it seem like they are playing in your listening room - and I snapped up 4 great seats - can't wait!
I didn't mind Natalie. I liked her quite a bit. Ryan Adams too. He has a great voice. But I couldn't stand Vic Chesnutt. I really dislike his singing (if you can call it that). I couldn't help but wonder what Margo thought while he was singing her songs in that monotone fashion of his.