Cowboy Junkies "Demons"

I just got done listening to the new Cowboy Junkies "Demons" on both CD and vinyl. All of the songs on this album are the late Vic Chestnutt covers. This is the second album in the four album NOMAD series.

I must say that this album is WONDERFUL! One of my favorites so far. Margo's voice sounds as if she really likes the material and is trying to pay homage to Vic. She sounds like she is having fun! Michael's arrangements are top notch and the sound...oh the sound. Holographic and sharp. Wide and DEEP soundstage with layers upon layers.

The vinyl gets my nod, but the CD is stellar too. If you are a Cowboy Junkie Junkie, (like me), this is a MUST have!
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I listened to samples at AMG and understand your excitement.

I just ordered both Renmin Park and Demons on LP from Acoustic Sounds. I appreciate the heads up, I didn't know about these.
Ordering after this post - thank you for letting us know.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Cowboy Junkies live last year at a very small and intimate venue (ironically on old church turned music hall) here in charlotte NC and it ranks with the best concerts I have seen.

Don't miss this album and by all means don't miss them live

**disclaimer, I have no financial interest in the cowboy junkies and am not a cowboy junkies record dealer. I do, however, offer lots of great gear to play your cowboy junkies music on and all of the equipment I sell is compatible with cowboy junkies music. :-)
Agree...well worth a listen!
good call! I am listening right now and enjoying it!
OK I'll bite, ordered the CD's today. MoFi, you should start a CJ/MT Cult:)
I wish they would print the lyrics, Margo is really hard to understand on many tracks
Incredible! CJ doing the great Vic Chesnutt! Just ordered it.

In addition to the great songs, CJ make good recordings (find Acoustic Junk), and their live performances are, as has been said, very fine: lovely and warm (though not shot out of a gun memorable), and not to be missed.

Although I may have more hours listening to CJ than any other single band, I tend to prefer the older folksy stuff over the newer atmospheric stuff, meaning I'm not crazy about Renmin Park. YMMV of course, but I like Waltz Across America and earlier best. (I remember with fond amusement my then gf barfing copiously by the side of a New Jersey highway after the Waltz tour's Poughkeepsie show.)

But don't forget to buy the original: Vic's West of Rome is completely indispensable. Flirted with You All My Life -- covered by CJ -- from At the Cut is gut wrenching (and is a nice recording of a kick drum). I'll not forget Vic's wry and grumpy courage when I saw him perform. RIP.

Sorry, guess I got a little worked up :)

I was able to down load the lyrics from Vic's lyric sites. Now The songs make more sense. Wrong Piano was imposible to understand.
After listening, especially to the lyrics, Demons seems an appropriate name for this album. Great stuff, lots of chilling vocals.
Cowboy Junkies get a NOD for Greatest group of the CENTURY!!!! Vic Chesnutt, I'm sorry I didn't discover him sooner!!! Check out, "About To Choke". Side two is F&%^%### awewsome!!!!