Cowboy Junkies 'Open' on SACD

Not my favorite CJ Album, but it's a start ! I've heard the 45 rpm vinyl trinity session is out of this world. Hey !

How about an SACD Trinity Session ? All members in favor POST your reply !
Hi John; if The Trinity Session were to come out in SACD, I would either buy an SACD player, OR buy the disc for a friend who does have a 777ES. Intriquing prospect. About the "Open" album-- you're right-- it pretty well sucks. The CJs worst effort by a big margin, IMO, and a strange choice for SACD. Cheers. Craig.
Having heard the entire CJ library, I'd have to say The Trinity Session was more an aberration than a rule; they're basically an average band that had that One Shining Moment. Parenthetically, The Trinity Session has this sort of urban legend about it that seems to keep growing. "It was recorded for $40 in a church on a DAT." "No, it was recorded for $17 on an 8-track in a mosque." "No, it was recorded for 79 cents in a high school A/V room."...
I'm in. I finally found a copy of the Trinity Session "gold" cd. It's a great improvement over the alum. and very close to vinyl. SACD would be great, hell if it would get Craig to buy a SACD player it would be worth it alone.
Thanks JD;>). I find myself in heavy disagreement with Thedautch re the Cowboy Junkies music. IMHO, the Cowboy Junkies have many excellent CDs, and the abberation was the "Open" CD-- it was just "ungood" music. I love "The Caution Horses", "Waltz Across America", and "The Studio Sessions" is practically a GH album.

True, the recordings are good rather than great, but the music is GREAT rather than just good. As to the the "Trinity Session", I don't care if it was recorded for 15 cents in a downtown carwash, it sounds great, as do many of their other albums. And I own ALL their CDs-- some more than one. Cheers. Craig
After reading this I went out and picked up the "Trinity Session"
The cover says it was "captured live at the Church of the Holy Trinity using Digital R-Dat on a Calrec Ambisonic Microphone". Is that live with the mic. on one side of the room?
I like it....
While the Trinity Session is my favorite, I think the junkies have had some great tracks on a few of their other CD's. Pale Sun/Crescent moon was an excellent album, as was their live album '200 more miles'. Slow, Sad Waltzes (their outtakes album), has some jewels like 'the water is wide', and 'my father's house'.

I've seen them live twice (royal oak, MI in '92, and Boulder, CO in '94) and thought both shows were great. They are my favorite live act. They are the nicest people in person too.

Sadly I do have to concede that I haven't liked their last two albums that much. A little too thrash rock. Oh well, at least they haven't released a synth or punk album yet....