Cowboy Junkies on Classic Records Trinity Sessions

Totally disappointed. Crackles and pops throughout the disc. One so loud as to make me just about jump out of my chair.(first play right out of the jacket after a cleaning in the VPI) All this enjoyment for $40.00. I put on the old redbook CD and it sounds better than the record, go figure. I am starting to shy away from vinyl. I will keep my table for the cherished older pressings and flea market finds but new pressings are out. They should really be trying to do a better job, especially for the prices of this "audiophile quality vinyl".
Sorry you got a bad copy. I have the Classic reissues of this album on 180 gram, 200 gram and the 45RPM set and all of them are very quiet and sound wonderful. I know that sometimes Classic Records can be hit or miss. The Canadian pressing of this LP is also very good.
I agree that the Classic Pressings seemed to decline in quality as they progressed. Once they had the Led Zep, Peter Gabriel, and Creedance catalogs they were just over priced rice crispies. I trust the MoFi releases and have been very happy with those. Some of the others have been good clean copies Cisco, Pure Pleasure etc. But I have decided to stay away from Classic pressings. It's a shame to 30-40 bucks and get that much surface noise. So I buy used 5-12 bucks and expect the noise. However I do have the 45rpm version and it is quite playable.
Why don't you just return it?
Have you tried the Trinity Revisited on the Diverse Records label? FANTASTIC!

Highly recommended!!!
I like the original better
I've had several on Classic Records than have been disappointing regarding vinyl quality. Dido comes to mind. Peter Gabriel "So" is very noisy.

As stickman541 says, the Revisited lp is very good!..although it isn't the original.

I know my post is 6 years later, but in the future, in addition to expressing feelings here, you should express these same feelings to the record label.

Having said this, if you are really into the positive things proper vinyl playback can bring to one's life, then just a few sub-par pressings should not prompt you to seemingly sway your opinion on vinyl for the future.

I'm listening to the original right now. Sounds good enough to me.