Cowboy Junkies on Cassic, not as good as orig CD

I played these both back to back and it was not even close. The cd blows it away in every way. Dynamics micro detail, everything. One thing is that Margo is miked way too close. On the CD, she is way overpowering. She is the same volume as the rest of the performance. I doubt it would sound like that unmiked. The record is better in this regard. Just poor sound mastering. Great performance though.

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I have the Classic gold Cd, and Classic 45 LP. I no longer run a CD source in my system. This is by chioce, as I have added a second TT setup instead. IMO, the CD is excellent, having enjoyed it on players like The EAR Acute, and Audio Aero Capitole 2. I picked up the 45 RPM from an Amazon seller sealed for $110 several mos. ago. It is IMHO, one of the best sounding records I own. It is not up front or in your face, yet the detail is amazing. Frankly, I don't think about the sound when listening to it, I just get lost in the performance. Granted there is a difference between the 33 and 45rpm. I would think the 33 is at least quite good though. Sorry to hear you are not totally happy w/ it. Any other Junkies to want to chime in.
"Margo still won't marry me though..."
She seems to like drinking tea, that was her drink of choice
when I saw them play. Just bring her a nice hot cup. I bet at the very least, she will sign one of your records.