Cowboy Junkies: Lay It Down fav cd?

I have been a casual fan of the Cowboy Junkies over the years. Today I listened to the CD "Lay It Down" for the first time and I just love it! It is a bit more upbeat and simply produced than some of their other albums. What I like most is how Margo's vocals are the focus here, without too much over production and heavy guitar reverb which they tend to sometimes.

Just curious of other people shared this opinion and if not, what is your favorite CJ cd?
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Mine is "One Soul Now". The guitar work is definitly influenced by fellow Canadian Neil Young. Early production runs came with a 4 song ep CD of covers by numerous artists. A very abstract recording that ebbs and flows. The ep is worth paying extra for if your looking for a used copy.
Tboooe, I'm brand spankin' new to the CJ's but a few months back somebody recommended the Whites Off Earth Now cd.

Can't say it's my favorite type of music of all time but I like it and the sound engineering on at least a few tracks is second to none. Extremely dynamic and detailed.

I have most of their releases and "Lay it Down" is my favorite. "One Soul Now" isn't far behind. "Trinity Sessions" (Original and Revisited) is up there too. Actually, I haven't heard anything they've done that I don't like a lot.
for me it is Trinity Sessions and Whites Off Earth Now the rest are not nearly as good for me...
I have most of their cds. Lay it Down is one of my faves, but I
recently discovered Early 21st Century Blues. It has such a soulful feeling that
grabbed my attention. It's a mix of originals and covers. They do a version of
"One" by U2 that's a must hear.

btw, I saw them a month ago at a small club in Oakland. It was the perfect
setting with about 300 people. They did a couple of new songs to be released
on their next cd. It was a fantastic show. Check out their upcoming tour
I hate to say it but I find them to be a bit laid back and boring.
Best since Trinity Sessions, high grade sonics as well.
My favs are Black Eyed Man and The Caution Horses. Although I like Miles from Our Home, I have not been as smitten by the more "atmospheric" recent efforts like Open and One Soul Now.

Interestingly, although I adore CJ and have probably listened to them more than any other band, I may like them better recorded than at their very friendly and professional live shows, where I find them, as Bobgates says, a bit laid back.

Although I can't comment on CJ CD's (I don't own a CD player) Black Eyed Man is one of the very best engineered and recorded records I own. As we all know, female vocals are stunning on a good system and one of the mandatory tests to determine midrange warmth and realism. Not only does Margo sit on my lap while the disc is spinning, she is fully fleshed out, three-dimensional and liquid. The bands signature spare backup has a separate image for every instrument on the soundstage. So engaging and lovely.

Caught them on Soundstage several times and have to agree with Jdoris, an act crafted specifically for insomniacs.