Cowboy Junkies Fans........

The Cowboy Junkies announced today via their Junk eMail that their next CD titled "Open", a studio album, will be available in stores May 15th. It can also be pre-ordered on-line from for $9. (USD) + shipping, but if pre-ordered on-line, it won't ship until May 15th due to release agreements.

Cowboy Junkies makes more on the CD if it's ordered on-line-- guess it depends on who you want to support most. Anyway, I pre-ordered and have to wait a month and a half now, but I'm looking forward to it. Cheers. Craig.
umm, garfish, may 15 is less than a month from now. if you wait a month and a half for your cd, then you must have taken the "pony express" shipping option. cheaper, for sure but the tradeoff? -kelly
Great Band, thanks for the info. I'll be ordering mine from Maplemusic, Thanks!

Thanks again Garfish. I would have missed there last two albums had it not been for your posts.
Garfish - thanks for the heads up - they are without a doubt in my top 5 and have been for years. Ever seem em live? they've played near me a couple of times but i'm too lazy to go.
Thanks for the heads up. My wife and I are still grateful to you for helping us "discover" th CJs
Kelly; I pretty much live out in the boondocks, and it seems it takes at least 10 days to two weeks to get anything form Sonic Frontiers-- must be near Cowboy Junkies home base. But you're right, I'm anxious to hear their new CD. Pops, never heard the 'Junkies but would love to. All you other fans, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Junkies!! Cheers, Craig
The promo of this CD has been for sale on Ebay for quite some time. It usually goes for $30-$40, so I just decided to wait.
I saw a Cowboy Junkies concert on PBS in November? about 3 years ago? where they were backed by a large orchestra. It seemed like the performance was live in a studio rather than a concert venue. I missed the end of the show and so did not see if there was a video or CD available. Any of you fans out there know of the performance I am referring to and if there is a recording available in any format?
Hi Audioxcel; There is a Cowboy Junkies Video on VHS that was done fall 2000. They were not backed by an orchestra though-- it was just the regular band performing in a small venue. The tape is available from or If you're a big Junkies fan, the tape is great, if not, it's just OK+, but I really liked it. Cheers. Craig
Thanks, Craig. I suspected that if anyone would know it might be you. I have searched everywhere icluding the PBS website with no luck. I can't believe it wasn't recorded. It was a great show with incredible extented versions of Sweet Jane, and some Rosemary Cloony songs among others. Oh well.........
Hey, I saw something in another thread about this, but I can't find it again. Where can I get a Trinity Session in Gold format? Is it impossible? I've searched the net to no avail.
YUCK! They stink!