Cowboy Junkies fans........

I know a lot of Audiogon members are Cowboy Junkies fans so I thought I'd put out this notice. The Cowboy Junkies new CD "Waltz Across America" is out and is excellent. The recording is Live, very good, and has some great new songs-- although a couple are pretty far out for me. If you've got a decent system, you'll think Margo Timmins is in your listening room. Highly recommended. Cheers. Craig.
Thanks for the post. I haven't liked what they have done since "Trinity Session" as much as it...but I will pick this new one up.
Thanks for the tip Garfish. I picked up on the "Junkies" from the "Best Female Vocals" thread and randomly picked up "Miles from Home" and "Lay it Down" cheap at the local flea market. Both of the CD's are a nice listen. I especially enjoy the electric guitarist who comes up with the "worst possible sound" for a song and it then ends up sounding right on the money in context/contrast. I also like live recordings and will look forward to hearing it.
Garfish, the Cowboy Junkies are fine, but have you ever heard any Lyle Lovett? [:)] (Semi inside joke) You da man! Charlie
Wow multiple soil scientists and Junkie junkies. Is this a great site or what? Also check out 200 Miles Across America, double live CD. Also some good cuts on All Whites off Earth Now (not sure of title, but something like that).
Swampwalker; I believe I have all the Junkies CDs-- and not a bad one in the bunch. Dan; I'm looking forward to L. Lovetts "Joshua Judges Ruth". I should have noted that this CD was just released 10/11/00 so it may not be at the retail level yet-- Cornfedboy reminded me. I got it on a pre-order from "The Junk Store", Good Luck. Craig.
It seems this CD is presently only available through the Cowboy Junkies "Junk Store", it's at I just learned this from Cornfedboy via email. As noted above, I pre-ordered the CD I got-- I'm on the Junkies "Junkmail" list. I paid $14. + 5.15 S&H. The S&H is a little steep, but I'm glad I got the CD. Cheers. Craig.
The Junkie site is in Canadian Dollars. $14.00Canda = $9.66US if it makes a difference to anyone South of there.
Hi Dekay; Michael Timmins is the Junkies lead guitar player (and Margo's brother), and he also has written much of their music, as well as producing-- a talented guy. And I agree that he uses some strange chops, but they always add to the music. Besides Margo's voice, I also really enjoy all the band's work. Another Timmins is on drums, and they have a guy that travels with them that plays FIVE instruments, ie he does the mandolin and harmonica work etc.. Cheers. Craig.
Hi Garfish: The Junkies are my favorite new find in popular easy listening music. I suspect that many of the Junkies songs are through compositions. By this I mean that the song was pretty much basically conceived as a whole as apposed to being pieced together bit by bit. This usually makes for a more listenable and moving piece of music and is in my way a high compliment to pay a songwriter or band.
Check out a band called Shivaree and an album called "I ought to give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dump."It's on Capitol Records. It's been getting great reviews-it's good-great production and an interesting contemporay slant on country,blues and torch type songs.Female vocalist-they're from the West coast. Ben
Swampwalker - I am as bad at remembering titles as you - "All Whites Off Earth Now" doesn't sound right, but you got one thing right, it is a great disc. Personally it is my favourite Junkies disc. I like Trinity Sessions, but played it too much when it first came out I guess. "Whites.." is one of those discs that just gets better every time you play it.
It was good Friday, A southern rain comming down. I'm in this dark hole again feeling hollow as a bone, playing my blue guitar.I saw your shoes sweet Jane. The misguided angel was wearing them as she hunted for her five room love story. Thanks Garfish for directing me to this treasure. I almost feel like I can reach out and kiss Miss Margo.
I ordered all of the CD's that I do not have from the Cowboy Junkies website a few days ago (only had two from their listing). Total cost was under $90.00US for the bunch as they list for under $10.00US each. Good deal Aye?
Glad to hear from so many 'Junkies fans. I think I saw on their website, or maybe via their Junkmail (I'm on their email list), that the band is working on a new studio album to be released spring/summer-- looking forward to it. Happy Holidays. Craig
Waltz is a wonderful album. The version of five room is one of the best songs I've ever heard. These last two albums have that laid back 'Lava Lamp' sound that I haven't really heard (as much) in the last few years. Songs like Walking After Midnight, Postcard Blues, and Me and the Devil. All of their albums are pretty good, but there was a little bit of a 'commercial' sense that had crept into some of their recent albums. I felt like a couple of 'radio friendly' tracks had been thrown into them. These new albums are more esoteric, and sound more like 'their songs'. Opinions ? Thoughts ? (don't want to be anti-capitalistic)
The "Wad'O" CD's arrived yesterday, six days after my order. I have not had time to listen to them all, but "Waltz" is my favorite so far. Great live recordings and stellar performances that really project the thoughts and feelings of the songs. It is going to be hard not to wear then out.