cowboy junkies

Anyone heard the latest release, One soul now?
I bought the new Junkies this morning at Fry's. If you have one of these stores in your area, you may want to take advantage of the special.

I haven't played it yet - I'm listening to "Everclear" on SACD - it's pretty damn good.

Just got it a couple days ago. Quite good, still warming up to it. Much better than previous studio album, 'Open', more like their classic sound, with hints of electric guitar in there too.

There's some great live shows (full CD quality resolution) free for the download @ and also via CD trading (encouraged by the junkies) at their website message board. That is what keeps me going lately, as far as the CJ's are concerned.

Thanks for the link Ed. I'm a fairly new fan (only have their greatest hits). I'm downloading one of the concerts as I type.
I have it. I love it. I have only listened to it a few times but I think it is great.
I saw them last night in Waterloo. Ontario. It was the first show of their "One Soul Now" tour. It was a small venue and I was not more than six feet from the band. I even met Margo after the show. If you think their studio work is great, go and see them live. Absolutely amazing!
You must get a copy of "The Trinity Sessions". A classic. A great debut. Nice audiophile acoustics to boot. If you own one CJ LP, that's the one...cheers,